Flexxbotics Gets Support to Add Robots to Production

Harmony in Innovation: Flexxbotics‘ Quantum Leap with SOLIDWORKS and Onshape Maestro Scott Harris” Flexxbotics gets support to add robots to production from co-founder of SOLIDWORKS, Onshape.

In a climax of modernization that echoes through the corridors of smart manufacturing, Flexxbotics proudly unfurls a chapter marked by a transformative deal.

FlexxboticsToday, the stage is set as the company announces a visionary cooperation with Scott Harris, the maestro behind SOLIDWORKS and Onshape.

This unique partnership, characterized by mentorship and strategic investment, is more than a milestone; it’s a masterpiece that propels Flexxbotics towards an outer space horizon of innovation in smart factory robotic manufacturing.

Presentation the Strategic Investment:

Amidst this symphony of innovation, Flexxbotics discloses a strategic investment from Scott Harris, an investment shrouded in strategic significance. While the specifics remain undisclosed, the impact is anticipated to be nothing short of groundbreaking. This financial infusion acts as the catalyst, propelling Flexxbotics into a realm where innovation and growth coalesce in the intricate dance of smart manufacturing.

The expert of Design and modern Software:

Scott Harris, a VIP in the domain of computer-aided design and built-up software, steps into the focus once again. His journey includes the gaining of SOLIDWORKS by Dassault Systèmes and Onshape by PTC, illustrating the profound footprint of his expertise. As the co-founder of SOLIDWORKS, a symbol of modernism in CAD software, and On-shape, a guide in cloud-based design tools, Harris brings not just experience but an inheritance of transformative impact.
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Boston’s Technological Tapestry:

Specializing in process-control software for automated work cells, the startup envisions a future where robotics seamlessly moves to the orchestrated rhythm of cutting-edge software solutions. Headquartered in the vibrant technological hub of Boston, Flexxbotics considers Harris’s mentorship and investment as a transformative force. Flexxbotics sees this collaboration as a strategic move towards redefining the standards in a dynamic landscape.

The Quantum Leap:

The convergence of Harris’s seasoned expertise with Flexxbotics’ avant-garde spirit is destined to yield innovations that will carve a unique imprint on the canvas of robotic manufacturing. This collaboration is not just a financial transaction; it’s a quantum leap. A transformative agreement that signifies more than the total of its parts.

A Visionary offer:

Flexxbotics (1)The ability to orchestrate robotics and equipment with a precision that transcends conventional boundaries is not just a technological feat but a paradigm shift. In a harmonious release, Flexxbotics underscores Harris’s involvement as a testament to their visionary approach in the smart manufacturing arena.

Flexxbotics stands at the nexus of tradition and innovation, fusing the best of both worlds under Harris’s guiding influence.

 In this symphony of collaboration, Flexxbotics embraces the challenge of redefining the boundaries of robotic manufacturing, leaving a permanent mark on the ever-evolving landscape of technological ability. As Flexxbotics takes center stage in this groundbreaking partnership, the industry witnesses not just a chapter but a revolutionary composition. The planned investment, the mentorship of Scott Harris, and the shared vision for the future of smart manufacturing echo a promise of unparalleled innovation.

“FlexxCORE Symphony: Harmonizing the Future of Manufacturing with Flexxbotics’ Digital Maestro”

In the grand overture of manufacturing’s future, Flexxbotics takes center stage, wielding its technological maestro, FlexxCORE. Far beyond mere digitization, this innovative masterpiece connects the threads of robots, existing automation, IT systems, and human collaboration in a seamless symphony. With a fusion of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and hybrid systems, Flexxbotics isn’t just redefining robot-driven manufacturing; it’s orchestrating a trans-formative journey in the era of Industry 4.0 digitalization. As the company continues to carve its unique path, recent success stories and a strategic funding boost solidify Flexxbotics as an unrivaled visionary in the manufacturing landscape.

FlexxCORE: A Digital Crescendo:

Flexxbotics’ crown jewel, FlexxCORE, is not a mere technological advancement; it’s a conductor leading a symphony of automation. Beyond connecting robots and systems, FlexxCORE epitomizes the essence of manufacturing in the digital age. It is not just a tool but a transformative force set to reshape the operational fabric of companies navigating the complexities of Industry 4.0.

Harmony in Collaboration:

Flexxbotics positions itself as the architect of a harmonious manufacturing era, where robots, automation, and human ingenuity dance in seamless collaboration. FlexxCORE, as the central figure in this symphony, not only streamlines processes but also enhances adaptability in dynamic production settings. The symphony of collaboration is not a distant dream but a tangible reality envisioned by Flexxbotics for the modern era of manufacturing.

Success Stories as Crescendos:

Flexxbotics doesn’t just assert its capabilities; it lets success stories speak volumes. In a recent feat, SpiTrex Orthopedics utilized FlexxCORE to foster communication between robots and FOBA laser-marking machines, resulting in remarkable reductions in changeover times. The company’s ability to seamlessly integrate with FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving products for machine tending and vision-based inspections further validates its prowess in complex manufacturing ecosystems.

Strategic Funding: Fueling the Symphony:

In a noteworthy symphony of its own, Flexxbotics secured an impressive $2.9 million in Series A funding in May 2022. This strategic investment is not just financial backing; it’s a crescendo that resonates with market confidence in Flexxbotics’ vision and potential. The funding not only propels ongoing research and development but positions Flexxbotics for accelerated growth in the fiercely competitive realm of manufacturing robotics.

A Commitment to Scale:

Flexxbotics (2)Flexxbotics-commitment to robot-driven manufacturing at scale echoes through its technological prowess and strategic endeavors. FlexxCORE transcends isolated use cases; it’s a versatile tool designed to navigate the intricacies of complex production settings.

The company’s dedication to scalability positions it as a trans-formative force capable of reshaping the manufacturing status quo.

With FlexxCORE at the forefront, Flexxbotics isn’t just digitizing production; it’s orchestrating a revolutionary symphony. As the developed scene pivots into the Industry 4.0 era, Flexxbotics emerges as a bonfire of modernism, faultlessly corresponding robots, automation, and human expertise.

With success stories, planned funding, and a steady assurance to scale, Flexxbotics propels the modern industry into a new example of competence, flexibility, and trans-formative automation. The work of FlexxCORE is not just a melody; it’s a trans-formative manufacturing, conducted by Flexxbotics, the undoubted expert of the future.

Flexxbotics and Scott Harris: Crafting the Tapestry of Tomorrow’s Manufacturing Saga” Harris to help accelerate R&D, reach new customers

In the unfolding tapestry of manufacturing evolution, Flexxbotics and luminary Scott Harris embark on a journey beyond convention, where innovation is an art form and digitalization is the brushstroke shaping smarter, more efficient production realms. This alliance is not a mere convergence of financial resources and mentorship; it’s a unique collaboration echoing through the corridors of a manufacturing odyssey. Flexxbotics-perched on the cusp of a paradigm shift, finds a visionary partner in Harris, sculpting a narrative where robotics and digitalization intertwine in unprecedented ways—an avant-garde symphony shaping the future of manufacturing.

The Ethereal Dance of Innovation:

Flexxbotics doesn’t just exist at the forefront; it choreographs a dance where robotics and digitalization move in sync, creating an ethereal symphony in manufacturing. Harris, recognizing the avant-garde spirit of Flexxbotics-hails its distinct prowess in adapting robot performance dynamically—an innovation that transcends the ordinary and resonates with the pulse of an industry in metamorphosis.

Harris’s Poetic Vote of Confidence:

In the poetic language of industry visionaries, Harris weaves a testament to Flexxbotics: “Flexxbotics is at the forefront of a transformative movement in manufacturing, where robotics and digitalization play a pivotal role in creating smarter, more efficient production environments. Their capability to adapt robot performance on the fly in response to feedback is truly unique.” It’s not just an endorsement; it’s a poetic recognition of Flexxbotics as an artisan of change in the dynamic landscape of manufacturing technology.

Alchemy of Growth: Investment and Mentorship as Catalysts:

The collaboration transcends alchemy, with Harris bringing more than financial support—he injects wisdom and experience into Flexxbotics-growth potion. This strategic fusion catalyzes a transformation where research and development become an artistic pursuit, product offerings expand like unfurling canvases, and the company’s resonance extends beyond boundaries to embrace a diverse customer base in the intricate realm of manufacturing automation.

CEO Tyler Bouchard’s Artistic Welcome:

Tyler Bouchard, the artistic force behind Flexxbotics-extends a canvas of welcome to Scott Harris, expressing enthusiasm and gratitude for his role as an investor and advisor. Bouchard acknowledges Harris’s profound brushstrokes in the industry’s canvas, recognizing the invaluable role he is poised to play in guiding Flexxbotics through uncharted artistic territories. As the company pushes the boundaries of robotics and manufacturing technology, Harris’s guidance becomes the compass navigating through the vibrant palette of innovation.


Flexxbotics-entwined in an artistic dance with Scott Harris, paints a canvas of extraordinary dimensions. This alliance isn’t just collaboration; it’s a symphony where every note resonates with the promise of manufacturing’s future. As Flexxbotics accelerates its research and development, expands its product offerings, and creates resonances across a broader spectrum of customers, it becomes a masterpiece—an artistic journey guided by the visionary strokes of Scott Harris, where each moment is a brushstroke crafting the unique saga of tomorrow’s manufacturing.

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