KettyBot Pro will provide modified customer service, Pudu Robotics

Pudu Technology Co. from Shenzhen is making waves with its latest creation, KettyBot Pro – a super cool robot designed to help out in stores and restaurants. Imagine having a robot buddy that not only brings your food and handles returns but also welcomes and guides you around the place. KettyBot Pro does all that and more!

A New Era of Shopping Fun

KettyBot Pro isn’t just a robot; it’s a game-changer for stores and restaurants. Teaming up with the human staff, it takes care of the boring stuff, letting the workers concentrate on making your time there special. With its friendly chat feature, KettyBot Pro adds a personal touch, making your shopping or dining experience not just easy but also super pleasant.

Making Life Easier for Everyone

KettyBot Pro

KettyBot Pro comes into play to solve a big problem not enough people to do all the work in stores and restaurants. It’s like having an extra set of hands (or wheels!) to help out. Further than the regular tasks, this robot can chat with you, attract your attention, and even show you around the place. Pudu Technology says it’s like having a friendly robot assistant that makes life better for both the workers and the customers.

Felix Zhang, the big boss at Pudu Robotics, explains, “Robots like KettyBot Pro help out the human staff by doing the not-so-fun tasks, so the humans can focus on making your experience awesome. And guess what? You can have a little chat with the robot, too – people love that!”

Get ready to meet your new robot friend, KettyBot Pro, set to bring a touch of fun and extra help to stores and restaurants. With its cool features and helpful nature, it’s not just making life easier for businesses but also turning your shopping or dining adventure into something truly awesome. The future of customer service looks pretty exciting with KettyBot Pro on the scene!

Meet KettyBot Pro: Your Super Smart Service Sidekick!

KettyBot Pro is designed to step up service

Get ready for the coolest robot on the block – KettyBot Pro by Pudu Robotics! This fantastic mobile robot is here to make your customer experience way better with its smart features. Pudu Robotics has added some super cool stuff to KettyBot Pro that will change the way you get service.

Exciting Features

  • KettyBot Pro is like a superhero when it comes to moving around.
  • With its new super-wide camera eyes, it can easily fit through tight spaces in busy places like restaurants and stores.
  • No more getting stuck – KettyBot Pro knows how to navigate smoothly!
  • Imagine a robot that knows when you’re done with your meal! KettyBot Pro has a special eye above its tray that can tell if there’s still food on it or not.
  • When you pick up your food, KettyBot Pro is super smart and knows it’s time for the next task. No need for anyone to tell it what to do!
  • KettyBot Pro is not just a robot; it’s your buddy. With the PUDU Open Platform, you can make it talk and look the way you want.
  • If you’re in a fancy restaurant, KettyBot Pro can match the theme, or if you’re in a nice hotel, it can give you a special welcome. It’s like having your personalized service friend!
  • KettyBot Pro can also turn into a moving billboard! Using the PUDU Merchant Management Platform, businesses can put up their ads and videos on its big screen.
  • It’s a cool way for restaurants and shops to show off new stuff or tell you about exciting deals while you’re there.
  • And guess what? KettyBot Pro now comes in a new color – “Pure Black.”
  • It’s like the superhero suit for fancy places. Hotels and big businesses love it because it adds a touch of class.
  • KettyBot Pro is not just a robot; it’s like having a helpful friend who makes everything cooler.
  • From sliding through tight spots to being super smart with trays, this robot knows how to make your experience special.

With its new look and personalized features, KettyBot Pro is here to change the game and make every place it goes a bit more awesome!

Pudu Robotics: The Robot Adventure Changing the Game

Pudu Robotics builds for growth

In the cool world of robot helpers, Pudu Robotics is like the superhero with its robot, KettyBot. Since 2016, Pudu has sent out nearly 70,000 KettyBots to over 60 countries. Imagine that! This robot isn’t just a regular one; it’s become a big deal for famous places like KFC, MediaMarkt, Pizza Hut, and Walmart. KettyBot isn’t just about delivering stuff – it’s like a magic friend that makes things cool in busy spots.

Global Success Stories

KettyBot Pro (1)

Since 2021, KettyBot has been on a winning streak, making famous places even more awesome. Pudu Robotics is all smiles sharing stories about KettyBot’s victories in KFC, MediaMarkt, Pizza Hut, and Walmart. KettyBot isn’t just a delivery buddy; it’s like a canvas where these big brands paint fun and exciting experiences for customers.

U.S. Robot Fun: New Stuff Coming!

Pudu Robotics, led by the big boss Felix Zhang, is excited about the robot fun happening in the U.S. More people need robots because they’re super smart, and with cool ideas from Pudu, there’s going to be lots more robot fun this year. Pudu Robotics isn’t just watching; they’re getting ready to add more cool robot ideas that everyone will love.

Smart Moves: Factories on the Way

Guess what? Pudu Robotics isn’t stopping at cool robots; they’re building two new super factories near Shanghai. These factories aren’t just for show – they’re going to make even more KettyBots to share with the world. Pudu Robotics isn’t just thinking about today they’re setting up for tomorrow, making sure everyone can have a cool-robot-friend.

Bottom Lines

KettyBot Pro (2)

Pudu Robotics isn’t just making robots; they’re on a task to change how we see and use robots everywhere. KettyBot isn’t just a helper; it’s like a star making places more fun. With Pudu’s cool ideas and plans for new factories, the robot adventure is just getting started. Get ready for more fun and excitement as Pudu Robotics leads the way in making robots a part of our every day awesome lives!

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