Kodama Systems Uses Robotics to Moderate Wildfire Risk

The U.S. is dealing with some serious wildfires – like, over 7.5 million acres burned in 2022! But guess what? Kodama Systems Inc. is stepping up to the plate with cool robot tech to fight these fiery foes. Their plan? Use smart robots to fix not just the wildfire symptoms but the reasons they happen.

The damage bill from 2017 to 2021 hit a whopping $81.6 billion, making it clear we need some fresh ideas, and Kodama Systems is bringing them!

Cracking the Wildfire Code: More than Just Hot Weather and Cities Growing

Kodama Systems Uses RoboticsWildfires are like a puzzle with pieces like climate change, cities spreading out, and, surprise, forests growing too much.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service points fingers at the places where cities meet the wild. But here’s the twist: Kodama Systems zooms in on the untamed Western U.S. forests, where too many trees mess up the natural balance. Back in the day, these forests were chill, and not packed with too many trees.

Now, they’re overcrowded, fighting for resources, and getting stressed out by droughts. Kodama Systems says this overcrowding is a big reason we see so many wildfires – smaller, weaker trees are like easy fuel.

Kodama Systems’ Super Smart Way to Stop Wildfires

Forget the usual stuff – Kodama Systems is bringing in robots, brainy tech, and teamwork:

Robot Forest Helpers: Kodama Systems sends out clever robots that use fancy sensors and smart algorithms to move around thick forests. These robo-helpers find and get rid of smaller, weaker trees, making the forest less crowded and reducing the chance of a big fire.

Brainy Data Tricks: Kodama Systems looks at data to check if forests are healthy. They use smart predictions to find places that might have big fires soon. This way, they can do stuff to stop the fires before they even start.

Drones Playing Detective: Kodama Systems sends out drones with awesome cameras and heat sensors. These drones look for signs of a fire starting and tell the firefighters super quickly. It’s like having superheroes in the sky!

Teamwork for the Win: Kodama Systems buddies with firefighters, nature groups, and the government. They work together to fit the robot plan into the usual way of stopping fires. Teamwork makes the dream work!

  • In the wild world of battling wildfires, Kodama Systems is not just playing – they’re changing the game! With their robot tech and smart moves, they’re taking on the real reasons behind wildfires.

  • In a world where climate change is throwing us curveballs, using cool tech to stop wildfires is a must.

  • Kodama Systems’ robot squad is calling for a new way of thinking, showing us that simple ideas can have a big impact on keeping communities and nature safe from the flames.

  • Let’s cheer on Kodama Systems and their awesome robot crew!
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Kodama Systems: Robots Changing How We Take Care of Forests

Forestry is labor-intensive

We’re all worried about wildfires, right? Well, one big part of stopping them is thinning the forests – kind of like giving them a haircut to make them healthier and stop fires from spreading. But guess what? Thinning forests is a tough job – lots of planning, and hard work, and it takes a long time. Kodama Systems, a cool startup from Sonora, California, has a plan to make this job way easier by bringing in smart robots.

  • Kodama Systems has a big dream – they want to make sure forests stay healthy for the future and help with the important work that the government needs right now.

  • James Sedlak, who helps lead the operations at Kodama, says they’re all about using cool technology to help the forests.

  • Thinning forests means planning everything perfectly, reviewing the environment, and making detailed plans for the workers.

  • Then, a team of workers does the heavy lifting – taking out extra plants and loading them onto trucks to go to different places.

  • This can take a long time, making it tough to meet the big goals set by the government.

  • The problem is, that there aren’t enough workers or groups to get this job done efficiently. Kodama Systems wants to change that by using robots to make forest work much quicker and easier.

  • Kodama Systems uses smart tech to control machines from far away.

  • They also use automation, which means machines can do some tasks on their own. This makes the tough forest job much simpler.

  • By bringing in robots, Kodama Systems wants to speed up the forest job and make it more efficient.

  • Using smart technology helps them get the work done quickly, meeting the important goals set by the government.

  • Kodama Systems’ robot plan not only solves the shortage of workers but also makes sure we use our resources wisely.

  • Robots can pick and choose which plants to remove, helping the forest stay balanced and healthy.

  • With wildfires becoming a big worry, finding new ways to take care of our forests is super important.

  • Kodama Systems is like a superhero in this mission, using smart robots to change the game.

  • By making forests work faster and better, they aim to create a future where forests are strong and ready to face the challenges of wildfires.

  • Kodama Systems is showing us that simple ideas, like using robots, can make a big difference in keeping our forests safe. Let’s cheer on Kodama Systems and their awesome robot crew!

Kodama’s Smart Plan: Keeping Forests Safe from Wildfires

Kodama works to prevent wildfires from burning out of control

Kodama Systems Uses Robotics (2)Kodama is like a forest superhero, doing things a bit differently to stop wildfires. While other companies are using fancy tech like robots and smart computers to fight fires, Kodama is getting ahead of the game.

Merritt Jenkins, Kodama’s leader, knows a lot about robots and farming, and he noticed that forests could use some of that cool technology too.

How Forest Thinning Works

  • At this spot, another machine takes off the branches and cuts the logs into smaller pieces. Finally, a loader organizes and loads the logs onto trucks for a ride.

  • Imagine big machines working in the forest, like a superhero team. In one method, they call it “whole-tree” thinning, a machine called a feller buncher cuts down trees and ties the logs together.

  • Then, a skidder comes to drag the log bundle to a special spot.

  • But what happens after the trees are cut? Jenkins explains that good logs might go to sawmills if it’s worth the trip.

  • But if the logs aren’t perfect, they might get rejected.

  • If there’s a biomass power plant nearby, the logs could go there. Sadly, lots of small logs often end up in piles, getting burned, and that’s not great for the environment.

  • This is where Kodama has a cool idea.

The Wood Vault: A Secret Storage Spot

  • Kodama is working on a special project called the ‘wood vault.’ It’s like a secret storage spot underground for the small logs.

  • This isn’t just any storage; it’s a way to keep carbon locked away for hundreds of years. Usually, when logs get burned, the carbon goes into the air as CO2, causing problems.

  • But with the wood vault, Kodama plans to keep that carbon safe underground.

Smart Machines in the Forest: Kodama’s Special Touch

  • Kodama isn’t just about secret storage; they’re also making machines in the forest smarter.

  • They want machines to do some tasks on their own, making things safer and quicker. Jenkins says they’re starting with a machine called a skidder.

Our goal is to have smart machines doing important tasks in the forest,” Jenkins shares.

By using cool machines and clever ideas like the wood vault, they’re making forests healthier and safer.  Kodama is like the tech wizard of the forest world, working on a smart plan to protect against wildfires. With their eyes set on making machines in the forest smarter, Kodama is leading the way for a future where the woods are strong and ready to face any fire challenges. Let’s cheer on Kodama and their forest superhero moves!

Kodama Systems builds an autonomous skidder

Kodama Systems is doing something super cool in the forest world – they’ve made a robot skidder that can do a bunch of tasks by itself. According to Merritt Jenkins from Kodama, the skidder goes on the same trails a lot, which makes it perfect for automation.
This robot skidder has special eyes called cameras and lidar sensors to create a 3D map of the forest as it moves around. Kodama’s idea is to let the robot handle the boring stuff, so the skilled operators can focus on the important work without straining themselves.

The robot can navigate on its own along the trails, but sometimes the humans take control for trickier jobs using a remote control. Kodama makes sure their tech is part of the skidder’s controls, so anything a human can do in the cab, Kodama can do from far away.
They’re also trying to make things easier for workers by letting them control the robot from far away, so they don’t have to travel long hours to get to the forest sites. Kodama has already shown off their robot skidder in real forest work, and they’re getting ready for a busy spring after a slower winter.

Their plan is not just about preventing fires – it’s also about making sure the water, homes for animals, and different types of plants are safe. They’re worried because the forests are getting too packed with trees, and that’s not natural.
Then, in January 2022, the Forest Service kicked off a 10-year plan to deal with the big wildfire problem in the Western U.S. They’re planning to do important work across landscapes to make things safer. With so much to do, regular workers can’t handle it all. That’s where Kodama comes in, saying their systems are more important than ever to help out.

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