Registration is open for the 2024 Robotics Summit Expo!

The particular organization of the Robotics Summit Expo is overseen by The Robot Report and its parent company, WTWH Media. Registration is now available for the Robotics Summit Expo, a leading technical gathering modified for developers in the business robotics sector.

Taking place on May 1-2 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center in Massachusetts, this event has established itself as a global hub for professionals within the field. The attentively curate discussion programming is strategically planned to prepare engineers with the vital knowledge needed for the successful development of the next generation of commercial robots. Distinguished by its potential to unite the top experts in robotics, the Robotics Summit & Expo provides a matchless proposal for the substitute of insights and experiences in the part of marketable robotics improvement.

Robotics Summit Expo features outstanding robotics experts

Get on an elite invention of cutting-edge robotics at the Robotics Summit Expo, where world-class experts will redefine the future of technology. The summit will be illuminated by inspiring keynotes from trailblazers in the field:

Tye Brady, the pioneering Chief Technologist at Amazon Robotics, will dissect the intricate layers of “Inside Amazon’s Robotics Strategy,” providing an exclusive insider’s view into the powerhouse that propels Amazon’s technological revolution.

Jonathan Hurst, the visionary Co-Founder & Chief Robot Officer of Agility Robotics, will unveil the transformative narrative of “Humanoid Robots Get to Work,” offering a glimpse into a new era of robotic integration.

Moritz Baecher, Morgan Pope, and Tony Dohi from Disney Research will weave magic into reality with their presentation, “Bringing Disney Characters to Life with Robotics,” revealing the enchanting synergy of robotics and entertainment.

Ujjwal Kumar, the accomplished President of Teradyne Robotics, will present “Perspectives on Systems to Help Multiple Markets Succeed,” showcasing the intricate ecosystem required for multifaceted market triumphs.

Medtronic, a trailblazer in healthcare innovation, will demonstrate a groundbreaking Remote Robotic-Assisted Surgical System, highlighting the forefront of medical robotics and its potential to redefine surgical precision.

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Robotics Summit ExpoThese negotiations will explore innovative technologies and methodologies, shaping the route of robotics and engineering in the future. Merge yourself in a lively experience at the Robotics Summit, where a varied array of over 60 speakers will connect in more than 40 sessions.  Whether your interests lie in machine learning, motion control, sensing, development tools, software, or the fascinating realm of legged robots, the Robotics Summit is tailored to cater to your curiosity and expertise.

Esteemed suppliers and users of warehouse automation will delve into emerging trends, applications, and the pivotal role robots play in resolving ongoing challenges.

For a detailed overview of the agenda Please note that we are continually adding speakers and the programming is subject to change, ensuring a dynamic and evolving experience. An exciting addition to this year’s summit is the Automated Warehouse conference track, an exploration into one of the fastest-growing domains in robot development and deployment.

Robotics Summit Expo

This expected event, a highlight of the summit, has previously attracted over 600 candidates. Attendees range from recent graduates to seasoned professionals, spanning computer scientists, vision specialists, mechatronics experts,

AI professionals, and others eager to explore opportunities with leading robotics companies. Join us for an inspirational experience where modernization meets talent. Mass-Robotics will host a career fair on May 2, from 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

Expo Floor Includes New Areas

Step into the future of robotics at the Robotics Summit expo hall, where modernism takes center stage with notable listings of over 150 exhibitors. Explore cutting-edge technologies, products, and services carefully crafted to authorize and guide robotics engineers on their developmental journey.

This year, the show floor is set to mesmerize with novel additions, including the exclusive RBR50 Showcase, shining a spotlight on recent victors of the prestigious RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards. Immerse yourself in the world of robotics with a live podcast studio, an engineering theater, and other captivating features.

The much-anticipated Mass Robotics Form & Function Challenge is making a triumphant return to the Robotics Summit expo floor. This challenge challenges universities to craft robots that not only boast captivating form factors tailored to their tasks but also execute practical functions seamlessly. Witness the future of robotics unfold as finalists proudly display their prototypes at the event, with the announcement of the winners slated for the grand stage on May 2.

Networking Opportunities Added

Robotics Summit Expo

Embark on a journey of unparalleled networking with over 10 hours of exclusive events, each offering a distinct experience. Elevate the launch of the Robotics Summit & Expo by joining us at the convention center on April 30 from 5-7 PM for a captivating welcome reception.

Dive into a night of elegance and recognition on May 1 from 7-9 PM with the introduction of a gala and dinner for the RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards. Celebrate this year’s winners, each of whom will be honored with two complimentary passes to both the Robotics Summit and the prestigious awards dinner. For all-access pass holders, the gala and dinner experience can be accessed for an additional fee. Given the limited availability of tickets for the RBR50 celebration, secure your spot early to partake in networking with the forefront of innovative robotics developers worldwide.

Breaking new ground at the Robotics Summit is the Women in Robotics Breakfast on May 2 from 8-9 AM. Immerse yourself in a unique networking experience with industry peers, fostering engagement, mentorship, and connection. Seek out mentors, forge new contacts, rekindle old connections, and actively contribute to a movement that champions increased female leadership at every level.

Attend Co-located Events

  • Robotics Summit & Expo held alongside DeviceTalks Boston
  • DeviceTalks is a leading industry event for medical technology professionals
  • Attracts engineering and business professionals in healthcare and medical technology
  • Robotics Summit & Expo also co-located with the Digital Transformation Forum
  • Inaugural event facilitating engagement with industry leaders and technology experts
  • Designed to assist manufacturers in navigating digital transformation complexities
  • Participants gain insights into strategies, emerging technologies, and manufacturing best practices

Explore Robotics Summit & Expo Sponsorship

To discover more about sponsorship and exhibition opportunities, you can download the prospectus or reach out to Colleen Sepich At.

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