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We sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm for contributing to TechnologyRefers as a write for us. Your presence here is truly valued.

Embarking on a writing journey with us offers a wonderful opportunity to showcase your knowledge and position yourself as a recognized authority in your field. As an added advantage, your work will receive exposure through our dynamic social media channels, amplifying its reach and impact, all while benefiting from our well-regarded reputation.

We kindly request you to invest some time in thoroughly reviewing this page. It serves as an all-encompassing resource, providing clear and concise insights into our established guidelines, the seamless submission process, and the diverse range of content we eagerly welcome.

What We Look for

“Effective guest post submissions necessitate being thorough, rooted in data, captivating, and informative. To improve the prospects of your work being published on our blog, it’s essential to verify that your contribution…”

  • Comprises a pertinent, extensively researched article (ideally exceeding 1000 words) enriched with practical insights.
  • Must be entirely unique and not previously published. We do not republish content that has appeared elsewhere.
  • Include only assertions supported by credible references to research or case studies. Refrain from referencing our competitors and from including irrelevant promotional web links.
  • Incorporate instances and pertinent visuals that elucidate your perspective. Steer clear of generic stock images that contribute no meaningful value to the content.
  • Incorporate subheadings, bullet points, and concise paragraphs to enhance the readability of the article.

Topics We Cover

Our predominant audience comprises individuals and teams hailing from diverse organizational departments. They seek advice, optimal methodologies, and instructional materials related to visual collaboration. With our objective of curating a credible repository of knowledge and perspectives, which aids in refining and optimizing their work processes, we exclusively consider well-defined, engaging content that neatly fits within the subsequent categories:

  1. AI Robots
  2. Delivery Robots
  3. Drone Robots
  4. Home Robots
  5. Industrial Robots
  6. Learn Robots
  7. Medical Robots
  8. Military Robots
  9. Security Robots
  10. Space Robots
  11. Telecom Robots
  12. All Associate with Technologies
  13. Autonomous Vehicles
  14. Service Robots
  15. Surgical Robots
  16. Collaborative Robots
  17. Social Robots
  18. Agricultural Robots
  19. Exploration and Research Robots
  20. Entertainment and Gaming Robots

What you should follow while ”write for us”?

Unique and Distinctive Content:

Our audience values originality and uniqueness. We welcome content that offers fresh perspectives, innovative approaches, and novel insights to help individuals and teams work and collaborate visually more effectively.

 Simplicity with Intrigue:  

We appreciate content that simplifies complex concepts and ideas, making them accessible to a broad audience. Additionally, we encourage content that piques curiosity, prompting readers to delve deeper into the subject matter and explore new ways to enhance their visual collaboration efforts.

 Illustrative Examples:  

We encourage content that integrates real-world examples to illustrate concepts and practices related to visual collaboration. Including concrete scenarios and instances helps our audience grasp the practical application of the ideas presented, enhancing their understanding and encouraging implementation.

 Sponsored Posts:  

While we value diverse perspectives, we do not show sponsored posts tag etc. Our focus is on providing our audience with authentic, unbiased, and valuable content that genuinely aids in their visual collaboration endeavors.


What we don’t publish?

 Too much Promotion: Write for us

We prioritize content that maintains a balanced approach and avoids excessive self-promotion. Our aim is to provide valuable insights and guidance to our audience without overwhelming them with promotional content.

 Already published Content:  

To offer our audience fresh perspectives, we do not accept content that has been previously published elsewhere. We are dedicated to presenting unique and original insights that contribute to the enrichment of our audience’s understanding of visual collaboration.

 Copied Content

We strictly discourage the submission of copied or plagiarized content. Our commitment to authenticity and credibility means that we only consider content that is entirely original, ensuring that our audience receives genuine and valuable information related to visual collaboration.

 Misleading information

We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of accuracy and reliability. Content containing misleading or inaccurate information is not in alignment with our values. We encourage content that provides factual, well-researched, and dependable insights to our audience about visual collaboration practices.

Use of Pics/images

Prior to submission, please refrain from including any pictures or images in your content. This precaution is taken due to potential copyright concerns. We have a policy against unauthorized image usage. If images are deemed necessary for your content, our team will handle their inclusion to ensure compliance with copyright regulations.


 Our Authorship Criteria:

At TechnologyRefers, we extend our invitation exclusively to individual writers, startup enterprises, professional wordsmiths, and freelance creators. We hold a preference for content originating from the expertise-rich realms of bloggers, startup founders, and innovators with profound insights, as opposed to a generalized business, startup, or marketing approach.


We seek writing that vividly showcases your capacity to deliver distinctive, hands-on perspectives derived from your practical encounters. Our platform thrives on content that imparts unique tactical insights, driven by personal experiences. This encompasses a spectrum of contributions including advisory pieces, experiential narratives, how-to guides, innovative concepts, and success chronicles.


Understanding Guest Posting and Its Advantages

Guest posting, often referred to as “write for us,” involves contributing content to external platforms or websites. This practice offers several benefits:

  1. Expanded Reach: Guest posting allows you to tap into a new audience base that may not be familiar with your work. This exposure can help you broaden your reach and connect with a wider readership.
  2. Established Authority: Sharing your expertise on a relevant topic through guest posts helps you establish yourself as an authority in your field. This enhances your credibility and reputation.
  3. Networking Opportunities: Collaborating with other websites or platforms opens doors to new connections within your industry. This networking can lead to valuable partnerships and collaborations.
  4. Enhanced Backlinks: Guest posts often include backlinks to your own website or content. These backlinks not only drive referral traffic but also improve your website’s search engine ranking.
  5. Improved Writing Skills: Regularly creating guest posts hones your writing skills. Crafting content for diverse audiences and platforms contributes to your growth as a writer.
  6. Fresh Perspectives: Writing for different platforms encourages you to explore various angles and viewpoints, fostering creativity and enriching your perspective on different subjects.
  7. Personal Branding: Guest posting showcases your insights and knowledge, reinforcing your personal brand and making you a recognizable figure in your niche.
  8. Engagement and Interaction: Guest posts often invite comments and discussions from a new audience, facilitating meaningful engagement and interaction with readers.
  9. Platform Exposure: Guest posting on reputable platforms exposes you to their established readership, instantly increasing your visibility and influence.
  10. Mutual Benefit: Guest posting is a win-win; you provide valuable content to the hosting platform while gaining exposure and recognition for your expertise.


In essence, guest posting serves as a mutually beneficial opportunity to share knowledge, connect with new audiences, and elevate your professional profile in a dynamic online landscape.


Feel free to reach out using the contact form provided below. Expect to receive feedback within the day.



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     “write for us” + “Learn Robots”  “write to us” + “Security Robots”
     “write for us” + “Industrial Robots”  “write to us” + “Military Robots”
     “write for us” + “Home Robots”  “write to us” + “Medical Robots”
     “write for us” + “Drone Robots”  “write to us” + “Learn Robots”
     “write for us” + “Delivery Robot”  “write to us” + “Industrial Robots”
     “write for us” + “AI Robot”  “write to us” + “Home Robots”

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    Guest posting & Guest posting Guidelines:

    Guest Posting Guest Posting Guidelines

    “guest posting” + “AI Robot”

    AI Robot “guest posting guidelines”

     “guest posting” + “Delivery Robot“

    Delivery Robot “guest posting guidelines”

     “guest posting” + “Drone Robots”

    Home Robots “guest posting guidelines”

     “guest posting” + “Home Robots”

    Drone Robots “guest posting guidelines”

     “guest posting” + “Industrial Robots”

    Industrial Robots “guest posting guidelines”

     “guest posting” + “Learn Robots”

    Learn Robots “guest posting guidelines”

     “guest posting” + “Medical Robots”

    Medical Robots “guest posting guidelines”

     “guest posting” + “Military Robots”

    Military Robots “guest posting guidelines”

     “guest posting” + “Security Robots”

    Security Robots “guest posting guidelines”

     “guest posting” + “Space Robots”

    Space Robots “guest posting guidelines”

     “guest posting” + “Telecom Robots”

    Telecom Robots “guest posting guidelines”

     “guest posting” + “Technology”

    Technology “guest posting guidelines”

     “guest posting” + “Social Robots “

    Autonomous Vehicles “guest posting guidelines”

     “guest posting” + “Autonomous Vehicles”

    Service Robots “guest posting guidelines”

     “guest posting” + “Service Robots”

    Surgical Robots “guest posting guidelines”

     “guest posting” + “Surgical Robots”

    Collaborative Robots “guest posting guidelines”

     “guest posting” + “Collaborative Robots”

    Social Robots “guest posting guidelines”

     “guest posting” + “AI-Powered Assistants“

    AI-Powered Assistants “guest posting guidelines”

     “guest posting” + “Educational Robots“

    Educational Robots “guest posting guidelines”

     “guest posting” + “Agricultural Robots“

    Exploration and Research Robots “guest posting guidelines”

     “guest posting” + “Exploration and Research Robots“

    Agricultural Robots “guest posting guidelines”

     “guest posting” + “Entertainment and Gaming Robots“

    Entertainment and Gaming Robots “guest posting guidelines”

     “guest posting” + “AI-Enhanced Exoskeletons“

    AI-Enhanced Exoskeletons “guest posting guidelines”


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